Online advertising is going to the cryptomoraks with Ethereum.

WordPress adds official ad plug-in that allows payment on EtherNOTÍCIAS
A new cryptomode plug-in will allow WordPress publishers to Bitcoin Code platform receive earnings from advertisements directly in their Ether (ETH) portfolios, according to a description of the plug-in, published on December 10 on the official WordPress website.

The „EthereumAds“ plug-in will allow publishers of content to auction paid ETH advertising space using smart contracts. „After you insert our widget, your ad space is automatically auctioned openly using our smart contract every fortnight to the highest bidder“, says the official description.

According to EthereumAds, the WordPress plugin plans to compete with Google AdSense, allowing publishers to win ETH through banners. EthereumAds specifically promises to provide publishers with lower commissions: „Google Adsense pays only 68% of its ad earnings. We, on the other hand, pay you amazing 90%. ”

The new ad plug-in applies to any type of content, such as websites, blogs, billboards and is not limited to cryptoma-related content.

Since EthereumAds wants to compete with major ad monetization platforms such as Google AdSense, it remains to be seen how traditional ad platforms deal with their crypto rivals.

Providing the world’s largest ad monetisation platform, Google has had some problems with crypto in the past. In April 2020, Cointelegraph reported that Google AdSense was running ads for fraudulent crypto projects while banning some legitimate crypto companies from using its service. Google Ads blacklisted Ethereum for keywords, as reported in January 2019.